The word “can’t” isn’t in Michael Murphree’s vocabulary. When faced with any challenge, he is relentless in finding a solution. It’s this can-do attitude that makes him a true leader on the set and off. His passion inspires the best in everyone, his laser-like focus motivates his crew and his easy-going personality puts his subjects at ease.

Michael is a rare blend of creative and entrepreneurial talent. From his early childhood in the San Francisco Bay Area, he discovered his love for photography through stories his parents shared with him about his grandfather, a Philadelphia-based portrait photographer. With cameras around the house, he began shooting at the age of 12 and continued to pursue his passion through college. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in photography and getting his start in San Francisco as an assistant for many respected photographers, Michael made his move to New York City, where he secured a position working alongside Annie Leibovitz. Numerous countries, many transatlantic flights, hundreds of shoots and countless around-the-clock hours later, he ventured out to start his own studio in 2003. Today, Michael splits his time between Los Angeles and New York City where he works with leading advertising agencies, major magazines and entertainment companies.

Passionate about light and people, Michael is dedicated to capturing his subjects in a compelling and intriguing way. His collaborative working style and pre-production expertise ensure smooth shoots that allow for creative freedom and input. According to Michael, “When it comes to production, I can find a way to execute anything, regardless of time or budget constraints.” That’s the kind of work ethic and confidence that is reflected in his work.